Daniel Fischer


Daniel Fischer

Born 1990 in Manchester/UK,

Since September 2009, an undergraduate student on the BA programme Art and Design at the University of Leeds
With a special interest in digital design and media.

2009 Art Foundation Diploma, Manchester Metropolitan University School of Art


2010 Level 1 art show at Lumen Art Gallery, Leeds

2009 Degree Show at Manchester Metropolitan University School of Art


One of 15 finalists of the Labour Party’s National Design Competition for their billboard strategy in the General Election Campaign 2010. My entry was endorsed on the Labour website for 2 weeks in April 2010.

About my work

My practice is strongly influenced by an ongoing interest in art as an outstanding medium of human communication and creative expression; I am particularly inspired by its ability to stir emotions and self-consciously reach out to diverse audiences as an interactive medium.

With this communication between myself and the audience in mind, I continually strive to experiment and explore the philosophical dimensions of artistic expression – which reflect my wider interest in cultural and political aspects of the social world.

I am intrigued by the way advertising and the media employ art to stir emotions and influence subconscious thought – thereby influencing consumer decision-making.

My work is heavily influenced by my political views – an aspect I try to capture in a social context throughout.


  • Digital Media & Design


  • Illustration & Design work including an extensive knowledge…